Indian Collection

A custom blend of fragrances inspired by our Indian Culture. 

  • Baarish - Rain. This custom blend feels so fresh and clean just like the first rain of the season.

  • Bahaar - Springtime. A celebration just like a Spring Garden.

  • HimalayasThis custom blend is our representation of the Himalayas.

  • Kesari - It symbolizes courage, bravery and sacrifice.

  • NamasTeaEnjoy with a nice cup of Masala Chai!

  • Raani - It means Queen! A custom blend with lot of sass and elegance! A Royalty!

  •  Rajah  - Its short of Maharajah meaning A Great King. An honorary title given to rulers, monarchs.

  • Shakti - It symbolizes power, strength. This custom blend is an ode to all amazing women in our lives who are strong, powerful, bold yet loving and caring.

  • Shiva - It means the auspicious one. An epitome of harmony and unity in diversity.

  • Sukoon - Peace, Tranquility. This custom blend will make you calm and take all your stress away!

  • Utsav - It means Celebration!